Custom Medals

Our medals are made from your artwork and customized for your tournament. We have shipped tens of thousands of medals worldwide, awarding some amazing competitors for their dedication to their art. We supply some of the largest Tang Soo Do events in the world and look forward to continuing to do so. Check out samples of our medals to see what we can do.

Customize your ribbons!

Customize your ribbons!

Choose from several back molds

Choose from several back molds

MAToday Competition Medals

We believe that our pricing and quality is the best bang for your buck.
There are no shipping and handling charge, graphic setting fees, ribbon charges. Your front mold fee is included at no extra charge ($190 value) and we have multiple back molds for you to choose from. You can even choose different back molds for your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place medals!

Incredible detail possible in every medal

Incredible detail possible in every medal

High Quality 3-D Medals in Gold, Silver, Bronze, …and Color!
Both sides of our medals are molded in three dimensions. Choose  from several of our stock back molds, or have your own made. We offer the traditional circle design, custom shapes, or even molds with empty space. Do you want to colorize your medal? No problem. We can have your mold made and painted at no extra cost to you.

Are there any extra costs?
We do not charge front mold fees, graphic sitting fees, assembly fees, ribbon fees, or shipping and handling. Here is a list of the following options that may increase the cost of your medal order:

  • Custom Back Molds: If you do not want to use one of our existing molds for the back of your medal, we can use the artwork you provide to further customize your medal. There is a one time fee of $190 for each custom mold made. You are only required to pay this mold fee one time, and your new back mold will be available for all future medal orders.
  • Larger Medals: Yes, we can do larger medals! Our standard medal size is 3″ – if you would like a larger mold made, there will be an increased cost per piece typically ranging from $0.10 to $0.25 per medal.
  • Sales Tax / VAT Tax / Customs Fees: Taxes are inescapable. If you are ordering outside of the state of Pennsylvania (and within the USA) you will not have to pay sales tax. If you are in a country that charges VAT tax, you will be responsible for the additional cost.

Cost Tiers and Minimum Orders
Our minimum order is 300 medals divided up amongst the gold, silver, and bronze designs at $6.25 per medal. You can order 100 Gold, 100 Silver, 100 Bronze or any other combination of the 300 medal order limit. Are you ordering 1,000 medals or more? We can offer a slight discount bringing your cost per piece down to $6.00.

When should I order?
Timing is critical when planning for a competition. From the time we receive your artwork, we will need to have an artist convert it into a mold ready graphic and then meticulously craft the mold. During this time we will send you a sample rendering for you to approve before we start the mold. After your mold has been made, we will move into production, then we will pack and ship your order to your front door.

To ensure that we can meet the delivery for your tournament, we need to allow two full months from the time we receive your artwork. We recommend contacting us well in advance to make sure that we can deliver your medal order safely in time for your event.

How do I pay?
Most of our customers pay by checks or credit cards. A 50% deductible is required within one week of starting an order. Once production begins, an order may not be cancelled for any reason. If you have any further questions, please contact us so that we can help!

Are you ready to get started?

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Thank you for considering MAToday

We look forward to working with you and creating amazing new medals to make your event stand out from everyone else. We will do our best to ensure your tournament will have the best awards possible.

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